The following members of our Club have secured Research Internships in various IITs across the nation:

Shivani Singh
Chemical Engineering
Batch 2k18

Dr. Rajesh Upadhyay of IIT BHU
Topic: Study of hydrodynamics of continuous stirred tank reactor having rhuston turbine as impeller (modeling and simluation).

Dr. Nanda Kishore of IIT Guwahati
Topic: Modeling and simulations of 2d and 3d fluidized bed reactor with or without reaction.

Abhinav Prakash
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Batch 2k18

Prof. Anand Blusun of IIT Roorkee
Topic: Temperature analysis of 7nm FinFET based amplifier using VERILOG A codes.

Prof. Brajesh Rawat of IIT Ropar
Topic: Ultra-thin FinFET for sub-10 nm CMOS technology.

Vineet Chandra Gokhale
Chemical Engineering
Batch 2k18

Currently pursuing an internship under the subtle guidance of Prof. Ananth Govind Rajan, IISc Banglore for Water Splitting Microkinetic Model has been selected to continue his internship abroad next year for Reversible Polycondensate Termination (RPT) method

Mayank Raj
Electrical Engineering
Batch 2k18

Dr. Soumya Ranjan Mohanty of IIT BHU
Topic:Smartgrid working under Distribution System

Shanu Anand
Mining Engineering
Batch 2k18

Dr. Aarif Jamal of IIT BHU
Topic: Dry Deshaling of Coal

Dr. Abhiram kumar Verma
Topic: Exploration of mining method at Sukinda Valley (in fragile country rock)

Chief Scientist J. K Panday
Topic: Mine Ventilation

Saqlain Firoz
Production Engineering
Batch of 2k18

Prof. Pankaj Biswas of IIT Guwahati
Topic: To make a CAD model of machine part that can be 3D printed and its manufacturing involves FSW.

Urja Ambasta
Production Engineering
Batch of 2k18

Prof. S. K Pal of IIT Kgp
1. Design and simulation of parts to be subjected to machining processes on a CNC machine
2. Design and animation of turret and hydraulic power pack of a CNC machine