Listiquiz Entry


Environment is the surrounding in which we live.

Whole living species is dependent on the environment for it’s survival .

It directs the life of the living beings .

It determines the proper growth and development or organisms.

The natural environment determines the quality of life as good or bad.

All the needs of life are dependent on the environment.

Always a balance is maintained between the environment and living forms.

The main cause of degardation of the environment is huaman activities.

If the environment is degarded,it leads to the degardation of living beings.

Overexploitation of the environment leads to degradation of planet Earth .

People must be tought about the “live and live let” concept .

In school environmental education must be made us mandatory subjects.

The world environment day is celebrated on 5th June of the year.

Consumption and judicial use of available resourse must be given importance .

Factories must be advised to install pollution control devices as the fumes from the factories causes severe environmental air pollution.

Deforestation must be stopped and afforestation must be encouraged.

Safe and proper disposel of wastes in the environment must be taken care off.

Uses of pesticides in the farm which is near the water body must be regulated .

Use,reuse and recycle methods must be followed.

Punishments and penalties must be imposed to those activities which cause damages to the environment”.


#The Model Club