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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will be humanity's last invention.

The exponential growth in the field of machine learning and AI is alarming.

The advancements done every second for research's sake can prove to be very dangerous.

AlphaGo, developed by DeepMind Technologies started beating world level champions within a span of 6 to 8 weeks of playing with pro players. It's successor AlphaZero, which learned the game playing itself crushed AlphaGo 100:0 .

Facebook had to shut down their AI chat bot because of unusual behaviour. Upon further investigation, it was released that the pattern of the bots were similar to a baby learning a new language.

An experiment was performed where two Google Home bots (later named Vladimir and Estragon) were activated and then the conversation,which eventually became a debate; was observed for two days. It was mentioned that the " World will be a better place without humans"

Narrow AI is not intimidating from a survival perspective. Narrow AI will dislocate jobs and better destructive weapons among other things.

Sofia and Philip ,( both developed by Hanson Labs) two of the smartest AI Androids have both mentioned on TV interview that they plan to destroy humans.

However Digital Super intelligence is lethal. The main reasons AI is unregulated and is left unchecked is because have always been the 'superior' beings. The idea that something of our own creation is smarter than us hurts bout ego.

We must ensure that all the advancements, digital super intelligence must be controlled and should be symbiotic and harmonious with humanity.


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