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3-D Technology

In this rapid advancing era, three dimensional technology is picking up steam that offers various possibilities in across the technical spectrum in near future.

After its indelible impact in the entertainment arena it is all ready to take over the world with its stupefying advancements in different domains.

Amazon will very soon launch its 3 D smartphone which renders physical photos into 3 D ones using dynamic perspective.

But what has left the world astounded is the recent 3 D printing technique. With its plethora of applications in almost every sphere it is sure to make way to our homes, offices and schools.

BIOLIFE4D, a start up in Chicago is currently perfecting the process of 3D printing of human hearts and organ transplantation.

The futuristic possibilities of robotic prosthetic limbs which could be controlled by the brain and provide sensory feedback have been strategically envisioned.

Tissue engineering prospects can be amplified via the 3 D printing technology.

It is bound to bring a paradigm shift in the manufacturing sector with boosted local production and hyper personalization opportunities.


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