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5G Technology

5G means 5th generation, it is the 5th generation technology. It is latest and upcoming technology. Now a days, 5G is not launched for common people uses, But many research and development work is going on 5G network. Some experiments were successful and some experiments were fail.

Scientists says, 5G brings a huge change in our world, it also change our life. It makes our life very easy and simple. 5G will be very fast, it provide very high downloading and uploading speed, downloading speed will be up to 1Gbps. Data transfer will be very fast, we can share a huge data in seconds. We can download any big file/data or high definition 4K videos with in a seconds. 5G will be very useful for automatic driving cars. 5G mobiles will be came with new features and advanced technology with a very high speed.

Some scientists says, it will be harmful but research is going on and I hope it will not be harmful for anybody or anything. It will be used for good purpose. I hope 5G will launched within 1-2 years for common people uses and for commercial uses also, and our life will be fast, easy and simple.


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