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Black Holes

It is said that fact is sometimes stranger tha fiction and nowhere is that more true than in case of black holes.Black holes are stranger than anything dreamed up by science fiction writers,but they are firmly matters of science facts.They are formed when stars having mass more than Chandrasekhar limit(1.5×mass of sun)collapse under their own gravityand become so dense that even light cannot escape through its gravity and this is one of most revolutionizing fact in science history.

As light cannot escape through it so it can serve as a store house of all the happenings in our cosmos. It is believed that many black holes that are billions or trillions of year oldcan contain the visions of birth of our universe. These are the densest object in the cosmos and can puntch(make hole) in the space time fabric creating a wormhole through which one can travel to other galaxies that are millions of light year away in seconds. The centre of black hole is often referred by sone scientists as Gravitational singularity( a 1D point having huge mass in an infinitely small space where density and gravity become infinite and space time fabric curves infinitely and laws of physics cease to operate.

The nearest black hole is V616 MONOCEROTI which is 3000 light years away. It is quite a cumbersome task to reach black holes but if somehow one managed to reach black hole then the real surprise awaits. No one knows whai is inside black hole but it is believed that if one enters into it then he/she can see the entire process of our universe from BIG BANG to current time and even future also.


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