Listiquiz Entry


• “ Environment “ is the very basis of our existence on this planet . It's the surrounding , the habitat we live in, without which life on this planet is not possible.
• The air we breathe, the water we drink , the greens around us, the fauna small or big everything around us, all collectively are the part of the environment.
• Every living or non living thing is dependent on one another for growth and development. The carnivores depend on herbivores, the herbivores depend on plants, the plants on air, water and sunlight; even we humans depend on plants and animals for our survival. In other words we all are interrelated rather interdependent on each other. The absence of anyone risks the survival of the other.
• In today's modern world, the various human activities have lead to the destruction of the environment. Deforestation, global warming , extinction of species, pollution, industrialization and urbanization, these revolutions have affected the environment at the higher level.
• Every year, world environment day is celebrated on 5th of June to spread message to save environment. But do we actually mean it? Well, planting trees, raising slogans and cleaning our surroundings for a day is not the soul purpose. Merely spreading the message is not enough but implementation of it is what the time demands.
• One doesn’t need a special day to make a new beginning. The day itself becomes special when one takes a step forward to work for a noble cause. So , let’s take a step forward with determination to encourage others to take a step forward with you for a better life , for a change , for the well being of our people.
• Let’s make a promise to ourselves to help save the environment in every possible way we can, to make our environment a better place to live in.


#The Model Club