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Data Privacy

Imagine your personal data being stolen under your nose . While some people are not even aware of the fact, some feel violated and choose to raise voice against this modern injustice.That's where the term " Data Privacy " comes into action. Data Privacy is a correlation between data and public expectation of privacy. Data Privacy concerns the data about a person that can be shared with third party.

All these data collected is somehow used to create a Digital Profile. These digital profile are like ones "Digital Footprints". These data are used to predict one's behaviour, actions , choices,likes and dislikes. One of the major purpose of these collections and profiling is to persuade people to buy a product, to adapt an idea and even to choose a representative. One of the majorly used way of collecting these data is social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

These profile contains both, the data we voluntarily choose to give and the data they steal without us knowing. Like our google searches, contacts, messages, photos, personal information. These data collected from user is also used for research and improve in app experience and bring up new technology as per user needs and demands.

So one of the major question arises is how do we protect our data from being stolen. Avoid using unknown and uncertified apps. Check if the websites are HTTPS and SSl certified.Prefer apps with end to end encryption. Know the amount and importance of data you are providing.


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