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Ram setu Or Rama's Bridge is a causeway that is created across the sea, connecting Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Srilanka. In Ramayana, the bridge is named Setu Bandhan. Nice place to visit with the memory of God Ram. The whole issue of Ram Setu is very interesting and mysterious which makes us to talk about it even more.. .

As per the Hindu mythology this bridge was built by Lord Rama along with his Vanara army. since Rama's wife Sita was kidnapped and was imprisoned so he along with his Vanara had to construct this bridge to reach Sri Lanka. As it is mentioned in Ramayana that the Setu Bandh was constructed with floating stones. Surprisingly, such floating stones are scattered across Rameswaram even to this day. Those stones floated on water because Rama was written on stones. Many interesting facts and questions arises in which one of the most eye catching was whether this is walkable or not?? So it is said that Rama's bridge was above the sea level. and even some historical records suggest it to be walkable till 15th century.

Ram Setu is also called as Adam's Bridge, Nala Setu and Setu banda. Ram Setu as it was built by Rama and his Vanara. Nala Setu because it was Nala who had designed the bridge in Ramayana. The study of Oceanography suggests that the bridge is 7000 years old. Hindus believe it to be holy site so no other mam- made bridge should be constructed over it.


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