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Future Tyers

These Tyres don't rely on air,But on an interior Architecture that is able to support the vehicle's weight also making it impossible for the wheel to Puncture or Explode.Because of its interior structure i.e., the spokes that stretch along the inner sides of tyres to support the user's weight.Also it stretches on the inner side when stones or other such objects comes on the way hence making it more durable.


The spherical shape of the tyre allows it move in all the directions(i.e.,360 Degrees) and contributes to comfort,safety. This shape also copes with space limitations in overcrowded places making it be slide parkeded with the help of these Tyres rotation ability.

* This maximizes uptime and safety,offering an improved Mobility and user experience of all the time.

* Made of super-elastic polymer, the tire’s bionic skin has a flexibility similar to that of human skin, allowing it to expand and contract.

In a Nutshell the tyre has the following Abilities:---
1.SAFE:--- Eliminates the possibility of puncture failure
2.STRONG:---- Can withstand excessive deformation
3.ROBUST:------Can be configured for high mobility on various terrains.
4.LIGHTWEIGHT:----- No inner frame (Spokes) needed for the tire/wheel Assembly.
5.DURABILITY:---- With the above mentioned properties the tyres become more durable.
1.AUTOMOTIVE:----Trucing,Terrain,JCBs etc.
2.MILITARY:-----Ballistic Resistant tires (eg., Tanks)
3.INDUSRIAL MACHINERY:------Heavy duty construction vehicles (crane)
4.AEROSPACE TYRES:------Aircraft Front Wheels which land first on the ground.


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