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Dictators from Europe

Twentieth century Europe has seen many dictators whom the world will never forget. Most emerged in the aftermath of first world war and one even trigerred the second world war. The list includes Adolf Hitler (germany) one of the most famous dictators of all time, Benito Mussolini (italy), Fransisco Franco (spain), Vladimir Lenin (russia). Adolf hitler the most highlighted dictator, took power in germany in 1933, ruled until his suicide in 1945. He was actually born in austria. He was the leader of the famous nazi party. He committed suicide after facing defeat in world war 2.

aving been expelled from school for stabbing classmates, Benito Mussolini became the youngest ever italian prime minister in 1922.He was restless, disobedient and aggressive during childhood. He was a good friend of Adolf Hitler. He had actively encouraged Mussolini's african adventure and so germany had been one powerful country in europe that had not turned up against Mussolini. Mussolini's government passed anti semitic laws in italy that discriminated against jews and treated them brutally.

Vladimir lenin was a russian revolutinary and politician. He served as head of government of soviet russia from 1917 to1924. He was born to a middle class family.Lenin is viewed by supporters as a champion of socialism and the working class, while critics on both left and right emphasize his role as founder and leader of an authoritarian regime responsible for political repression and mass killings. . So these were some of the deadliest dictators from twentieth century who were responsible for killing of millions of people in europe. But in contrast they were also very good orator and had leadership skills.


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