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Nanotechnology is a great boon to the technology and the world as a whole .Its about manupulation of material at the atomic and molecular level . For developing nation like, India

Its use is seen widely, be it in agriculture, electronics, communication,energy production , food storage ,medicine and many more.

In the field of electronics and communication,silicon chip, silicon nano wires is used to create memory devices ,it also improve the density of solid- state drives computer memory to work efficiently. The memory chips of size less than 20 nm is used so that the space occupied is less.

The technology is even used in disease diagnosis and screening . Antibodies are used for HIV-1 and cancer diagnosis, nanocapsules,dendrimers are use for slow and sustained drug releasing system.

In country like India, where agriculture is the prime source of sustainable food resources ,nanoparticles is used for pest detection, insecticides ,gas seperation etc.

A lot many initiatives have been taken ,so as to introduce this technology in much efficient manner. Department of Science and Technology (DST) has funded nano mission in the country from 2006 to 2013,and even now its going on.

In India ,Mahatma Gandhi university ,Kottayam in collaboration with Apollo tyre worked for high performance of rubber nanoparticles for tyre engineering .Lot many things like this has been done in our country.

The development of nanotechnology in India concieved and continued to premise that the new and emerging technology has huge potential to help the country address societal challenges.

This has boosted the country's economy and broadend prospects in terms of scientific advancement.  

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