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Human life is not an individual existence. All the species of flora and fauna in nature should have mutual balance among themselves for a sustainable environment. Today our environment has reached to such an extent of unbalanced ecosystem that if nothing is done about it, it will lead to serious concequences.

The most recent consequence of it has been the rapid depletion of our rivers. Many Rivers of India have reached to the extent of depletion and it has has caused many serious effects on the environment as well as the economy of our Country.

Chennai's groundwater has been depleted this year only. There has been cases of murder over water in Chennai and the groundwater of 21 Indian cities will also be depleted by 2020.

The river that has depleted the most in the last 70 years is Cauvery. Cauvery has been the source of wellbeing, prosperity and the very source of life for millions of people of South India. A forest-fed perennial river is fast becoming a seasonal stream as 87% of tree cover has been removed in 50 years and it is at the verge of depletion. Due to which 47,190 farmers have commited suicide in the last 15 years in the Cauvery basin itself!  

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