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Model Club

Be Technical By Technique

Model Club is an attempt to manifest the technical mind set, personality development and success stories of this Premier Technical Institution of Jharkhand.

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This club is the only technical club established by the BIT administration in early 60's for conducting technical activities for the young technocrats of our college.

Model Club is an organization that is inherently associated with diffusion of science and technology in would-be technocrats. Concentrated solely in the BIT Sindri campus, the organization strives to sync the college with latest technological trends by Tech-Events, Workshops, Seminar and Talk-shows.

Model Club is hub of about 60 committed students who have been extracted out of the best minds of the state and country making it the best work force.Model Club organizes Workshops, Seminars, Guest-Lectures, Invited Talks and alike events including a Mega Tech-Fest named


Our Glimpses

What we do


We help expand the capacity of budding individuals to perform in leadership roles within the organization.

Tech Knowledge

Our Club is a unique place where creativity is stimulated to solve the most pressing needs through innovation and exploration.

Skill Enhancement

One of the most important aspect of our club is focusing on individual's skill development.


We help individuals attain certain abilities that an executive should possess in order to fulfill tasks in an organization.

Team Work

It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

Our Patronage

Prof. Pankaj Rai Director B.I.T Sindri

"It gives me immense pleasure that the Model Club, the technical club of our college is providing a platform to the students to float their innovative ideas. It started as a vision that SANDHAAN remains a consistent part of the scientific development of youth from BIT Sindri.

Prof. Dr. Vineet Shekher Prof. Incharge Model Club

"The tireless efforts put in by The Model Club in organising various events to provide college students a national level exposure is quite commendable.

Prof. Dr. Upendra Prasad Prof-in-charge Club and Society, B.I.T Sindri

"It is a matter of great pride and contentment that the Model Club-the technical club of B.I.T. Sindri has covered enormous heights in providing students the juncture to achieve overall excellence.


We love to see you smile through what we do.
We are never away!.