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The techno-management fest "SANDHAAN" is a fine juxtapose of mind boggling technical events with extravagant festive mood. The pulse of BIT beats harder as it approaches near. The most awaited annual techno-management fest with students from all over finding its niche in SANDHAAN and carry away a lifetime experience. Model club of BIT Sindri being the protagonist of the play, has augmented year by year in delivering the much-anticipated techno-management fest of the region. We are back again with SANDHAAN'23 to witness a crowd of approximately 5000 people which includes students from various technical colleges of national and regional level.

We are thrilled to announce the segments under SANDHAAN'23 :

Robo Saga

In this event manual bots will be battling it out in 3 stages. The participants will have to construct All Terrain vehicle which can run on tracks having various hurdles. The bot will start from one end of the track and it has to reach the finishing end of the track by crossing all the hurdles. Winner will be decided on the basis of the time taken by each team.


The main motive of the event is to create a robust, economical and user friendly drone which could fit in our daily lives. The event would take place in three stages. Winner will be decided based on the stability, time of flight and range of the drones.


We have launched Technology 2 Business. Technology 2 Business is a thilling platform for all business probing minds to come up with their innovative de and shoe their talent. Its ensor is to expedite entrepreneurship development across India. The event will accomplish in 3 stages.