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Controlling machines through human minds

One can imagine controlling machines with his thoughts alone itself without pressing any button, or tapping on screen, just brain potential. Researchers are working on brain computer interface which controls wheelchairs, or it is perfectly tested on a person who was paralyzed. Sensors were implanted in his brain that enabled him to move his arm and hand for the first time. These sensors learned virtually signs of all bits of brain after every movement.

Brain computer interface (BCI) technology is developing technologies to change the life of people with motor disabilities and refunction their bodies merely with the help of computers. This new advancement works by measuring and considering every electrical brain signal within every corner of the brain. The signals are analyzed and converted into commands that supervises different applications for the benefit of users.

One of the best examples is Braingate which allows people to type or move the cursor as soon as injected in the brain. It is a new skill that must be mastered and maintained constantly from mutual learning but yet, they restricted to be used in real life due to absence of reliability.


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