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5G Wireless Technology

Evolving from 1G for voice calls, 2G includes text messages, 3G added multimedia support, 4G improved in terms of speed as compared to 3G and now it’s 5G (5th Generation) is going to be rolled out by 2020. It is based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology. Not only faster Internet connection speeds, but 5G is also capable to connect higher capacity than current 4G, increase in users per area unit, higher quality and unlimited data per user. With the introduction of 5G, it is easy to control car and remote- control bots wirelessly from any part of the world. Online gaming, HD Video streaming, Telemedicine, precision surgical robot operation, virtual physical therapy session without any buffering i.e. it improves machine to machine communication also known as Internet Of Things (IoT).

It also has a huge market for new 5G machines, mobile phones, service providers many companies like Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, etc. but before this, many regulatory, spectrum licensing, security and infrastructure retrofitting issues that currently exist must be resolved on a country-by-country basis. While 5G’s millimetre-wave spectrum offers faster speeds, it cannot cover big geographically. For developing countries like India with a huge market need a lot of investment for allocating spectrum, set up new towers and to get the benefit of 5G technology new 5G based devices is needed it is not easy for the person using 4G or other network-based technology to move on to new technology.


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