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Mythological Science

*Scientific myth is a myth about science , or a myth or a factoid that is commonly thought to be scientific. For example, Newton's Law of universal gravitation is commonly presented as the result of an apple falling on his head. *Newton's observation of an apple falling did indeed play a part in starting him thinking about the problem but it took him about twenty years to fully developed the theory and so the story of apple has been described as a myth. Like In HINDU MYTHOLOGY, Our ancestors are much more advanced and scientifically stronger than us . They have many more gadgets and techniques are as describe briefly :

* Flying vimanas - The more advanced form of airplanes and rockets. They used to travel from this flying device which could make them travel across Himalayas and constellations.

* The hundred test tube babies - Among the most epic story Mahabharata mentioned the birth of Kauravas which was then divided into 100 parts and each part was grown in a separate container . This technique is more advanced than producing a test tube baby.

*Awesome Nuclear weapons - Like wise in Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Scientists have reasearch that the place where Mahabharata take place had same traces of destruction.

And many more like Ramsetu bridge, Dangerous Organ transplant ( Lord Ganesha ) , Live telecast with complete control over cameras ( at the time of Dhritarasthra) , Babie's learning in mother's womb, The circumference of earth was also known and many more.


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