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Space science a topic almost fascinated by all of us. Still, only 4% of the entire universe is discovered and other 96% is still under discovery, and it is made of stuff which is difficult to detect or to comprehend.

So what exactly is space science it is the scientific study from the ionosphere to the end of our solar system.

My first topic of discussion is plasma.A state of matter which makes up 99% of the universe. Plasma in simplified form is Ionized gas. The gas when subjected to high heat or electricity loses its neutral state and become ionized. So where exactly plasma is found- it's found starting from our flourescent Tubelight to the inter galatic regions in the stars and even in the sun.

Talking about sun and plasma let's move to our next topic that is sun corona.

We all have seen solar eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun the outer surface of sun seen by us is the corona. The outer layer of the sun which comprises the plasma is the hottest layer having the temperature ranging from 1-4 million degree Celsius.

The coronal heating problem is one of the greatest unanswered question. The spectral line from corona lead to the discovery of a new element Corinium. Its turbulent surface is rocked by eruptions and intense bursts of radiation which hurls solar Material at incredible speeds to every corner of the solar system. This trigger space weather, radio communication and interfere with power grids.

Outside our solar system is the universe which holds many mysterious things starting from black holes, antimatter,dark matter.

Every subject is interesting and unique in its own way which provides a wide range of scope in the field of research.


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