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Indian History: A Saga in itself

India is a land of varying landscapes, vistas, culture, societal norms, climate, cuisine and whatnot.

The diversity is evident even in the mundane details of everyday life here.

The history of India is unique and complete in itself. It can be majorly divided into- Ancient India, Medieval India and Modern India.

All these three periods have left indelible mark on India's  rich culture and heritage.

Ancient India had rulers such as Samudragupta, Chandragupta Maurya,Harshvardhan, Ashoka and many more Hindu rulers as in that period Islam and Christianity had not knocked India's doors.

These rulers left behind temples of great architectural intelligence, Vedas giving us a chance to follow the path of wisdom and  inscriptions providing information.

Medieval India witnessed invasions of rulers coming from Western Asia and introduced Islam.

This time period also was a witness to Bhakti and Sufi movement that spread throughout India.

Modern India started with the battle for freedom from East India company of Britain which had made its way into India's heartland by the declination of Mughals.

Modern India saw reforms in age old discriminatory practices, in print and culture,in education and even in clothing.

This period gave the gift of Cricket to India as the English brought it here.

India's history and it's true essence cannot be encapsulated in few stanzas.It is rich, vibrant, glorious,tolerant and true in every sense

It is a Saga to be retold over generations and cherished.


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