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3D movies are a great invention because they let people who are watching them experience and get more of these films than a regular 2D movie. This became possible only because of 3D cameras.

The 3D cameras essentially are two or more cameras rigged together to capture the movie from different angles at the same speed in a way similarly to how human brau captures real world.

Some 3D cameras also have dual lenses  that are 3 inches apart. That is done to make the camera similar to human eye. Each of our eyes perceive image in a bit different way and our eyes are roughly 3 inches apart so by mimicking the human eyes with the camera lenses the movie makers are able to capture similar picture with depth as our eyes do.

Later, by using the 3D glasses the image is altered so that our brain can process it and make an illusion that the movie we are seeing have depth.

To shoot close up shots in 3D the two cameras or two lenses have to be placed very close to each other to get the right depth.

Here mirror rings are used– two cameras are operated from the same lens, but the image is split in the way it needs to be for 3D movie by two very little mirrors, hence the name mirror rigs.

Since it is pretty impossible to capture image with the ideal 3D depth perception so such shots are taken that suites to 3D cameras. Such shots are taken that triangulate geometric distance, so that the screens look good on 3D screens.

After all the scenes are shot there is special software that is used to edit the footage into movie. This software lets the editors match the image up in the correct relation with geometric algorithms so that that the movie appear in 3D, as well as edit the rest of the film.


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