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An idea to Artificial intelligence

A.I is a branch of computer science which focuses to provide simulation to machines to think like humans.It increases the capability of machines to do the task much more faster and in efficient way and also eliminates errors of human in lot of work.It provides autonomous system,every segment of life from medicine,education to transportation can become better. It also promises to create vastly more productive and efficient economy.

Like us when we get a problem first we think,then decide and then conclude. So does the process of machines first learning then reasoning and then self correction.

Now it has grown like a tree and used in every segment of life.

Ai in manufacturing- provides Automation technique. That is it focuses on using machines to do repetitive task more efficiently.

A.I in Healthcare- machine vision technique(providing a vision to machine)..a.i provides a resolution in Medical science.

A.I in Robotics-it focuses in providing intelligence to robots thad is to make them more capable. And use them efficiently.

A.I in Education-it can inspect a students strength and weakness..

A.I in Natural language processing and pattern recognition.

It is the best thing humanity Has ever worked in and if properly harnessed can create a great prosperity and opportunity for people.


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