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The yellowed torn pages of ancient history have hidden within them the secrets of the universe. India has been a land of inventions and discoveries.

The modern day airplane hasn't yet been able to match Ravana's 'pushpak viman' which was an adjustable aircraft that could grow to fit any number of people.

The Ramsetu built by Nal and Neel seem to be an engineering marvel.

The Divine astras like the Brahmastra were may be some kind of nuclear weapon hence their use was forbidden.

The replacement of Lord Ganesha's head with that of an elephant seems to be a marvel of transplant and plastic surgery.

Lord Narsihma, the Lion-headed God,might also be a marvel of genetic engineering.

Telepathy, teleportation seem to be a common practice for the rishis.

We have heard of Maharishi Vyas who is said to have seen the future.

Going into the depths of the side story of Mahabharata we can find instances of time dilation and possibly time-travelling.

The string theory of universe has been mentioned in the Vedas. Even the great scientist Alfred Nobel was influenced by the Vedas and said it has the solutions to all the miseries of humanity.


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