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Artificial Intelligence

Recently, AI is transforming the nature of almost everything whichis connected to human. eg, employment, economy, communication, warfare etc. But what is AI?

The modern explanation of artificial intelligence or AI is the `the study and design of intelligent agents where these agent enhance the efficiency for the better chances of success in work without much human involvement.

AI helps us in reducing the error andincreasesthe chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision. Due to programming of the robots, they can perform more laborious and hard work with greater responsibility.

We are yet to see its evolution in long term, whether it’s leading humanity towards advancement or full of destruction.

If we look around us, we seem to embrace the change being brought by technology be it smart home or autonomous cars. But we often found ourselves protesting against government for unemployment, taxes,privacy etc.

Creation of AI requires huge costs, as they are complex machines. Machines do not have any emotions or moral values they have no improvement with experience. Replacement of humans with machine can lead to large-scaleemployment.

Keeping all these issues in mind,the development of AI is debatable. If we are going to continue developing AI, then we have to make sure to eradicate all the issues we have now.

All the issues can be tackled if we made a global framework of rules and regulation which has to be followed while developing AI in order to make sure that it proves to be a boom for humanity rather than a bane.


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