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Is planet nine still out there?Could we peer inside the realistic black holes ? Hey for us 'Sky's the limit'.

Physics is the very foundation for space researches. Curiosity and dedications of the tireless human minds has always entralled with inventions ,explorations now and then

Inquisitiveness is in the blood of homo sapiens .A five year old boy gazes up at the sky ,visualizing the comets and the asteroids.

Be it NASA,ASAL,CMS ,ISRO,all these space agencies across the world have an intent to scrutinize the space through their space crafts , satellites, robots and what not.

Using integrated super conducting spectrometer ,we can filter incoming milimeter and far-infrared light from distant galaxies but there is a lot to discover yet.

Advancements in physics could smell mishappenings through various researches as in recently NASA detected an active volcano on Jupitor's moon which could erupt any time and precautions can be taken.

Colonization of human race on different planets helps us leave a mark of them if some sort of cataclysm fall on earth.

In alee of space rearches , the various theories of physics ,theory of relativity, theory of interference has helped us develop various technologies, which can improve life here on earth be it GPS or Solar Cells .

Human do expect ease from life .Space science is helping a lot .'SPACE MINING' wherein we can extract natural resouces from space is another challenging task.We are all striving to discover and migrate to planets wherein life forms still exist .There are challenges and dare but we through our application of physics are all set to confront them.


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