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The science behind the mythology as i am an indian i'll talk about the science behind the Hindu Mithology and well known our mythology is huge ,the mahabharata itself is the largest epic poem which has over 1 lac shlokas,bcoz of that i'll try to describe it shortly &effecienly.

You must have listened about Hanuman chalisa,i'll try to prove the vein of science &mythology through this. "Yug sahasna yojan par bhanu Leelyo taahi madhura phal jaanu" Now yug=12000yrs,sahasra=12000000,yojan=8miles 12000×12×10^6×8=153,600,000km actual dist.from earth to sun =152,000,000

It proves that since that time of vedic era,when we had no source,no scientific book to measure things,we were known about the dist.b/w earth&sun.

Even the concept of aeroplane was taken from Puspak&Vimaan during the time of Ramayana.

In medical science Sushruta(father of plastic surjery 1000&800 BC in his sushruta samhita which is the oldest encyclopedia in the world has the cure of 1000's of illness.

like right brain is active during gestation through Abhimanyu's chakaravyuh, Technology existed to make stones float on water by RAMASETHU, Time travelling-king raivata kakudmi travelled to meet brahma when returned, yugas had passed.

Regarding each and every fields Indian Mythology has developed themselves.

The thing is that we can't completely believe that each and every myths does connect to science but yes ufcourse we have got lots of evidence that connects science & on further study we'll get a lot more especially from vedas.


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