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Natural environment refers all ecological units naturally present on earth in form of land, water, air, soil, forest, sunlight, minerals, living organisms etc. All surrounding of natural things, which are counted as the creater and operator of life on this earth is called as environment.

The declining environment has now become a very serious issue for all:- The source of impurities that mixed into environment and generate various type of pollution of air, water, soil or noise etc. High demand of land, food, water, fossil fuel or fresh air directly affects the processing of natural cycle. Due to increased pollution people are forced to cut down more trees for living;same as every resources is consumed at high rate due to increased pollution. Solution and conclusion:-

Spread awareness among people about saving water and other resources in order to prevent the unwanted situation of shortage of these resources. Better use of recycling should be promoted to save our environment for long time.

Try to plant more trees ,as trees are the option which can save our surrounding from the poisonous gas of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Keep in mind to throw garbage in some proper way that they can be utilized for recycling.

For giving a better and healthy life to our future generations, we all should unite with take some pledge about prevention of our environment.


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