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Natural Computing

Imagine a world where computers can create new life forms, decode all the mysteries of the brain, immune systems, etc. Welcome to the natural computing age. Mother nature designed us and all our wonderful capablities. The ever increasing complexity of the problems to be solved by the computers require critical inspiration from the nature.

Natural computing is a term introduced to enclose three categories, (1) nature inspired methods of computation ; (2) use of computers to synthesize natural phenomena; and (3) making use of natural materials to compute. The classical nature-inspired models of computation are cellular automata, neural computation, and evolutionary computation. The recent ones include swarm intelligence, artificial immune systems, membrane computing, and amorphous computing.

Artificial life (ALife) is a research field where we understand the essential properties of organisms by building, within electronic computers or other artificial media. DNA, biochemistry, and molecular biology hardware, instead of the traditional silicon-based computer technologies are used. A quantum computer processes data stored as qubits and uses quantum mechanical phenomena for computation, use of algorithms to consider evolution as a computational process, and neural networks in light of computational trends in brain research.

Now we have or can create technologies capable enough to take our complex decisions and find answers to our never answered questions. In the age of natural computing the possibilities are endless.


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