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Artificial Intelligence

A machine that can organises our cupboard just as we like it or customises coffee for every member of family . These are the products of artificial intelligence.

•This machines are artificially en encorporated with human like intelligence to perform tasks as we do.The intelligence build using algorithms and mathematical functions but artificial intelligence may not be as obivous as in the previous examples.

•Infact ,it's used on smartphones, cars, social media feedbacks, video games, banking,CCTV cameras and many other aspects.

•The artificial intelligence must perform as expected. -The ability to react so properly to a new situation is called generalised learning. -The robot is now at a cross road one is that paved and another is rocky .The robot must determine which path must taken this portraits the robots reasoning ability. -The robot now encounters the river that it cannot swim across and using a Planck is provided as input helps to cross the river .Hence ,our robot uses the given input and finds the solution for a problem.This is problem solving. These three capability makes the robot artificially intelligent.

•The two broad categories of artificial intelligence are:- -Weak Artificial Intelligence -Strong Artificial Intelligence

•Weak Artificial Intelligence also called narrow Artificial Intelligence. It focuses basically on one tasks .For example, Alexa can perform multiple tasks so it can't be a weak artificial intelligence but that's not really true.When we say Alexa play Despacito it tooks the keywords and play Despacito and runs program trained too but it doesn't respond to answer at which it doesn't trained.For example, we ask Alexa What is status of traffic from work to home.Alexa can't provide answer because it doesn't trained to this task.

• Strong artificial intelligence is much like the robots that only exists in fiction Ultron from Avengers is an ideal example of strong artificial intelligence. Strong artificial intelligence can do anything as well/better than a human. Since, the human brain is still a mystery it's no surprise that artificial intelligence too has lots of domains for now. Artificial intelligence is built to work with humans and make our tasks easier however with the maturation of technology, we can only wait and watch what the future of artificial intelligence holds for us.


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