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Space And Science

•The role of physics is inevitable in developing our knowledge of space. Day by day new theories come and contradict the previous one to explain things more satisfactorily.

•Everyday physics is getting more enhanced so that it can explain all the laws behind spatial observations.

•As new laws come, it clashes out the old one and thus makes us see things with a different perspective.

•Dependence of time on gravity, magnetic pulses on Mars, and there are many more topics on which we have to work upon.

•Many physical principles are violated in space and many unexpected ones follow out there.

•For example, a few months before, physicists at Durham University ,UK stimulated the cosmos using the Chameleon Theory. The image is produced by the stimulation shows that the galaxies like our Milky Way could still form in the universe even with different laws of gravity.

•They have also proved that even if you change gravity, it would not prevent disc galaxies with spiral arms from forming.

•All these have raised questions on pre-established theories but yet study is going on to analyze the failures of these laws in space.

•Despite having enhanced laws and technologies like HRO diagrams, Hubble Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and many, it is our imagination which help us perceive more about the sibylline cosmos.


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