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Deep Web

The majority of us are familiar with the term DEEP WEB, for those who are not can simply know that the Deep web enables us to have peer to peer communication with almost impregnable anonymity.

With no intention of defaming the Digital India movement, It’s to emphasize that we’ve unparalleled upsurge in the bank frauds since the respective movement was implemented (Newspaper cutouts of the same have been attached in the display poster of this article). This is enough of proof to show that our payment systems have surrendered to the descendants of Kevin Mitnick (Most powerful hacker as declared by the USA)

The latest security technology INTEL AUTHENTICATE which looks for the phone’s Bluetooth signal for authentication instead of OTPs and passcodes, cannot be used in public spaces because Bluetooth, as is known, is a low hanging fruit for the hackers to have a bite of.

The need of the era is to wean ourselves from the current payment systems and find an alternative to the same. Giving a cognitive thought to the phrase “Wood supports the ax-head to saw off his brother”

It’s the DEEP WEB we can use for online payments whereupon the request of customers, merchants can directly interact with the banks using DEEP WEB network giants like TOR. This in return can also cut the costs of payment gateway charges borne by us. But still, we have challenges here. Some of them can be briefed as:-

•Establishment of identity in anonymity

•Creation of a 3D deep web where customers, merchants, and banks can interact with each other

.Prevention of traffic confirmation which would enhance the securityConclusively I would like to quote "DEEP WEB ISN’T ALL DARK PEACE"


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