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Immortal Cell

•Immortality is something that is admired by some and condemn by others. Immortal cell is single cellular organism that reproduces asexually and grow indefinitely. In simple words, after the death of a living thing their cells continue to grow outside the body, this sounds interesting. Hypothetically we will achieve victory over death and can become immortal.

•The Oldest human cell line was created by scientist of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland, US with a tissue sample taken from a woman who was suffering from cervical cancer. Those cells were known as HeLa cell. Cell donor remained a mystery for decades and came to notice after the publishment of book, “The immortal life of Henrietta Lack." Henrietta Lack died at the young age of 31 but her cells remained alive and continued to grow outside the body. This revolutionized the medical field and also saved the lives of millions.HeLa cells grow faster than cancerous cells. Her cell could double in 24 hours.

•Her cells were essential in developing the polio vaccine and were also in scientific landmarks such as cloning, gene mapping and IVF(in vitro fertilization) until the discovery of HeLa cells, scientist put effort in keeping the cells alive rather than spending it on carrying out research Now many human cell lines have been established,thus giving scientists, more option for testing.However, many researches still prefer HeLa cells to carry out their research.

•For human being research in this field is just a step but for humanity it is a dynamic jump.


•People have always aged,we will interfere with nature.

•If people will live for a very long time they will look extremely terrible and could spend decades in a nursing home due to pain.


•The impact on humanity will be very significant and change everything.

•Eliminating aging means we will live forever and never die we will get more time to see the world.

Eliminating aging means that the world would be massively overpopulted but I think till then we must have found some more planets like Earth and will accomodate he population there.


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