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Artificial Intelligence

➢ Ability of a computer to think and learn.
➢ Combining software framework and hardware architecture.
➢ Building intelligent application.
➢ Developing branch of computer science.
➢ Making computer to work smarter.
➢ Advanced phase of technology enhancement.
➢ Highly technical and specialized research on this topic.
➢ Responding by intelligent thinking.
➢ Introduction of new branch in technical studies.
➢ Ongoing research to make more advancement.
➢ $200 billion market share by 2025.
➢ All major tech companies are already into it.
➢ Initial stages include narrow work for human assist.
➢ Advanced stages focussing on parallel work with human.
➢ Great threat to human in many terms.
➢ Competition for human race.
➢ Require severe attention in terms of security.
➢ Proper administration and control needed.
➢ Privacy on greater risk.
➢ Requirement of much better and advanced security and scrutiny
➢ Multiple Pros and cons need to be addressed.
➢ A boon which can be a fate.


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