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"Innovation is always need driven." If there is need there is innovation.Innovations are present everywhere. The smartphone which we are using was earlier a heavy dialpad phone. It was only used for making calls.

But now we can do banking, texting, browsing, shopping ,etc from it. In the field of automobile, many established car manufacturing companies might go bankrupt because of Google, Tesla and Apple. Google is bringing forward its driverless car. It has already been tested in the roads of California.

Tesla has introduced its electric car in America. Its market capital is in rapid growth and has taken down companies like Ford and MG. The face of automobile is changing.

Now it's time for one of the greatest innovation of 21st century, 3D printer. Many people could not have imagined that even shoes, ball, brick, human organs, building or an aeroplane can be printed. Reebok, Adidas and Nike have started using 3D printer to make shoes. Millions of 3D printed shoes had already been manufactured. Medical science has got great help from 3D printer because now human organs are available to them anytime they require

Many countries are using 3D printer to print building. Ten building were printed in China using 3D printer and a forty storey building was printed in Dubai. We are living in the era where innovations are being innovated. It is changing the face of the earth and is taking science and technology to a new level


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