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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence deals with a new and advanced form of machine learning which has created a new revolution in the field of science and technology. And now this technology is growing rapidly everywhere. Some of the common examples of Artificial intelligence is self driving cars and buses, implementation in Robots, drones, delivery robots etc.

Not only in the field of science but also Artificial intelligence is being used in other fields like fashion. Nowadays Artificial intelligence is being programmed to select the combination of dresses for various events and occasions. Various apps like YouTube, Facebook etc are using Artificial intelligence to enhance there technology. Even the mobile phones are being programmed Artificial intelligence in there software for better performance.In our day today life the default camera app in mobile phones uses Artificial intelligence to bring a good contrast so that the photos are made more attractive.

Apart from this Artificial intelligence is used in medical science for treating various diseases. Space agencies like NASA and ISRO are using Artificial intelligence for space technologies. Lots and lots of things are being discovered and things are being earier through this technology. So Artificial intelligence has created a new aspect of Science and technology and this technology is going to be very vast in near future.


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