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Thermo-Electric Devices

* The role of science is very seminal in our day to day life. Our life is getting easier just because of science.

* One of the new gift of science is a device which can make renewable energy from the cold night sky. This device developed by Raman Venkatraman and Stanford University scientists Will Li and Shanhui Fan(American electrical engineer).

* This is a new thermoelectric device can generate electricity for an LED light bulb even during the blackest night. This device works on the phenomenon known as radiative cooling, which happens when surfaces on the ground radiate heat into the atmosphere. This process can make a surface cooler than the air surrounding it.

* It explains why frost forms on grass even if the air temperature is above freezing. Researchers says that this device is a useful form of renewable energy especially because lighting demand peaks at night.

* Lead author Aaswath Raman, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering at university of California, Los Angeles stated that "beyond lighting, we believe this could be a broadly enabling approach to power generation suitable for remote locations, and anywhere where power generation at night is needed.

* This device was tested on a table of 3 feet(1 meter) above the ground on a rooftop in Stanford, California in late December. It was placed in a polystyrene enclosure covered in aluminized mylar (which minimizes thermal radiation) and protected by a wind cover. Inside the protective layers researchers made the device draw heat from the air and send it back into the atmosphere using a black emitter.

* The researchers managed to power an LED using a voltage boost converter and measured that over 6 hours the device can generate 25 milliwatts of energy per square meters. This research was published on 12th September in the Journal Joule.


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