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Marketing is the process of building mental bonding between society and products,the means of discovering people's need towards unwrapped things.
How technology affect the marketing?

Technology made it more impressive and expressive.

* Use of facial coding is going to be increased by marketers.Facial coding is a technique to unlock the messages people are expressing with their faces.Most of facial nerve connected to brain so,faces play vital role in revealing one's emotion and feelings.

* Facial coding can be used in advertising and to gauge the reactions of respondents towards different brands which show a clear image between marketing competitors.

* Machine learning can be used to compute big customer surveying data and when these data processed with Artificial intelligence,the things like customer relationship and targeting potential customer can be handled smartly.

* Pre-Cognitive marketing focuses on identifying people's upcoming need about whom they are unaware of.The technology will be adopted in upcoming two to three years.

* Augment reality technique insert object to visualize how it will look like on real platform (used in games also). Marketers can use this to have a better picture of situation.

* As the trend of virtual reality is on peak,the companies may offer 3-D shopping store to it's consumer which will push marketing to the next level.

Already Volvo used Virtual reality technique to take users through a mountain drive in Volvo XC90 luxury SUV.


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