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Artificial Intelligence

• The evolution of the practical applications of the biological science with the engineering practices gave birth to a new technology of intelligence with the bloom of artificial intelligence.
• From SIRI to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. 50 years ago there might be no one who would have thought of making a machine work like a human.
• But today it’s possible by the insights of various fields of computer science, psychology, linguistics, and mathematics. Generally termed as AI in short, consists of fields like machine learning, robotics and other intelligence fields..
• The field emphasises on the concept of producing some great inventions which can reduce human effort and also make the task possible which is away from the reach of the human hands.
• Compiling the minds of various scientists from various fields have given birth to technology which is capable to recognise face & voice, sense temperature & act as per required without the complete assistance of the scientists by the means of self-recognition of artificial intelligence.
• The future of the mankind depends on the development of science and AI and so it’s the craziest field of research and studies.


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