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Mythological science

The toils of Yesterday fade once more,Like the crests of the waves Like the Phoenix I rise from the ashes.
I rise from the dust, from the history. There would have been no science, no technology without a glorious Yesterday.
Today's human has no such called creative brains ,but thats the evolution of the ideas which dates back to time immemorial.
Cloning of the son of Ram and Sita "Lava" by Valmiki using grass to create "Kush".
Thinking of nanotechnology? Learn it from the nanotechnology pioneers ,the Roman's who invented the Lycurgus Cup which changes color in different directions of light.
The great Bappa is himself an example of the sophisticated transplant of the entire head, the external appendage and the storehouse of the brain.
The holy Hanuman Chalisa marvelously in mere two lines computes the distance of the sun " Juug sahastra yojan par Bhanu" Where Bhanu means the sun and juug, sahastra and yojan are units of distance.
You call them stories, I name them Legends. I rise from the very past, the history because:
"I'll arise once more like I've done so many times before. As the crests of the wave leaves its anchor of the shore"


#The Model Club